A warm welcome

Join me for some morning café con pan as we share a nice chat. Morning Café Thoughts is more than just a forum to express whatever arbitrary thoughts my mind can create. It’s a place where you can read words of inspiration and encouragement for your every day-to-day living. We’re all just trying to get by. Let’s make it fun! Click around and you might find something you like.

-Britt Dianeth

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it snowed in atlanta.

“I smell snow… Can’t you smell it?! Everythings magical when it snows. Everything looks pretty.”



not all days are good.

Anxiety isn’t beautiful. It’s not poetic or artistic. It’s dark and painful. Yet, people write beautiful songs about anxiety. They write incredible poems. They make amazing art.


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Vista nocturna de las calles de Benasque en Aragón

hablo español.

Sometimes we underestimate the special abilities God gives us. For me, that’s speaking Spanish. Here’s a little bit about my mission trip to Spain and how God showed me how to appreciate what I once devalued.


johnette pizza

in real life. – JA.

From leading worship together to making me watch Beauty and the Beast for the first time, and laughing uncontrollably and the most random things, having Johnette in my life has made my first two years at University that much more lovely. Here’s to many more random Spanish singing of songs that we grew up listening to in church.


Here are some post from the early years:


19 things I learned by 19.

I think a lot about how much I’ve walked the road of life and how much I have yet to travel. I have learned a lot along the way and the year 19 was pivotal for me filled with accomplishments and lessons learned. I share 19 of them with you.



it’s monday but it’s okay.

It’s the first Monday of the year! Now, I know many of you dread this day. I can be guilty of this as well sometimes. However, do you ever notice…